Migraine Treatment

The Brain Buzzer Button (aka Cefaly)

So I have had my eye and internet tabs on the Cefaly for a few months now keen to give it a go. Especially after not getting more access to Aimovig (you can read about that here) and hearing it be explained at the Migraine summit.

One of the Migraine Facebook groups I am in posted that it was on sale for $200 off (it still is if anyone wants one) so I decided it was time to pounce on this opportunity and give it a go

It was shipped in a couple of days and soon rocked up on my door step ready to be put to work. I happen to have a bad migraine which I had for days so I was keen to seen how the small device would help. I unpacked the box and plugged in to charge. I was a bit inpatient and didn’t wait for it to fully charge up but it definitely had enough charge to deliver it’s intentions .

I cleaned my face with the prep pad supplied and then stuck the electrode on meanwhile thinking this all feels far too easy and gimicky. I then applied the little cefaly device and hit the button once for treatment mode.

We had lift off

It started with a nice warm buzzing feeling so I was like this won’ t be too bad

It also had the sensation of the electrode moving down your face so I kept looking in the mirror to see if had drooped only to find myself looking like a rejected extra from lord of the rings. Or as my husband told my an alien queen.

And then the intensity increased and kept on increasing. And I did the classic Monica thing and didn’t press the button again so enough to tell the brain buzzer that was the highest level of pain I wanted (rookie error)

And so now it starts feeling like my forehead and then top of my head is doing the worm and breakdancing all over my face.

Next dance move of the brain buzzer button is the breast stroke- pushing out then cupping back in.

Then after that it is the hokey pokey- ” You put your left foot in, you put your left foot out, you put your left foot in and you shake it all about”

Then after the hokey Pokey I noticed I had this weird numb feeling in my forehead and a tingling sensation going over the front of my head. I was thinking what am I doing at this point.

Then came the stronger stabbing sensation which had me looking at the clock and seeing how many minutes of the 60 minute session I had left.

They with a bing and beep it finished. Afterwards my head felt numb and headache was definitely less intense.

Overall it was a rather strange experience but one I shall keep trying.

So me and the brain buzzer button aka the cefaly shall be dancing another dance or two together.

Have you tried the Cefaly? What did you think?

Let me know below

Love Monica xx

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