The Times They Are A Changin’

So I have been off work from early August on unexpected medical leave. I had to take this leave as I was just unable to work due to my Chronic Refractory Migraines.

It was originally only meant to be for 8 weeks but then got extended for another 6 weeks by my GP.

The web just keeps growing

So during this time I had all these grand plans to get my life back together and start hobbies and do yoga a couple times a week. I was going to set up routines and re-do my diet and start cooking healthier wholefoods. This was was massively unrealistic because while I did have time off work without the guilt of having to call in sick all the time I didn’t actually factor in my plans for still being Chronically Ill.

Me trying to do yoga with Bob

Now I know that sounds ridiculous how could you not realize that your migraines and everything that comes along with it would stop you from re-organizing your life? But when everyone is telling you time away from work and time off will make you feel better you by into the the hope. I also didn’t just want to want to waste away my time watching Netflix. I now unfortunately have the opposite problem where I feel like I let myself down by not achieving my goals as well as trying to lower my migraine levels so I can find employment somewhere.

The real kicker is during this time my Neurologist has said that he doesn’t think I should go back to my same job. Also not do shift work, work under lots of lights or in stressful situations. That is a lot of jobs in my current occupation. So I am rather bamboozled at what he would like me to do.

Yes I may be being slightly dramatic

Currently I feel like an over qualified sloth.

I am being hard on myself but the sad truth is it is not easy and there are limited options. I can go back to my current employer with a letter from my Neurologist and see if the would accommodate any changes in workplaces. My neurologist still hasn’t filled out my super forms I gave him months ago so I could access a small amount of my super for excess medical expenses and now I have to wait for another letter. This current employer has not been supportive and to access the leave I am currently taking I had to go over the manager, then the director and then to the head of the area to be granted annual leave for a medical reason with medical certificates. So I am not counting on a supportive response. Or I have to apply for a new job and disclose everything and try find someone that won’t just discriminate at the interview level.

How have you dealt with these challenges ?

Have you had a career change due to your health?

Let me know your thoughts

On a positive note to finish on I have an appointment with a headache specialist neurologist next week so I will let you know how that goes.

Sorry I haven’t been blogging much lately. Honestly I have been a bit too lost in my head trying to sort things. I had forgotten how important a burden shared and talked about lightens the load. So I will be trying to do more regular posts

Thinking of you all

Monica x

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