Soak up the Sun

The last couple of months I have been plagued with all over body aches and pains as well as some other symptoms which have been puzzling me. I took me own advice went to the doctor and got a set of baseline bloods done as just a starting point to investigate from.

My symptom map I created and posted on My Instagram Story

I also created a symptom Map and posted it on my instagram story more as me finally taking ownership that other things were going on her. I received some beautiful messages from other grammer’s with suggestions or saying that they were experiencing similar things and you are not alone.

Complete Side Note :

Social media gets a lot of slack and often for completely justified reasons but It such a beautiful world I have found myself in where I am able to easily converse with people that have so much empathy and understanding

Okay where was I.. Ah yes so I went to get my blood test done and then had a Doctor’s appointment the next day. I had a plan I was going to talk about all my symptoms and try and get answers .

And then the Migraine hit

I got to my appointment already annoyed by how bright the waiting room was and how loud the receptionist was being. At this point I was partaking in fairly inarticulate mumbling while rocking out my sunglasses inside.


During my appointment where I had hoped to be proactive and get answers I was more of blob

I got my blood test results and managed to ask about the side effect of duloxetine causing disturbed sleep. My doctor stated iron levels were minimally low and I was very Vitamin D deficient. She suggested I start taking a supplement at double the normal dose for a month and then continue on at the maintenance dose. She reassured me that sleep disturbance is a common side effect of duloxetine and to give it another couple of weeks at

After my appointment I felt disheartened. I felt like I had wasted another oppertunity due to my migraines.

After my appointment I was having a whinge debrief to my husband when he suggested that maybe my low vitamin D deficiency was responsible for some of the symptoms I had been experiencing

All of a sudden I saw the light like the sun which apparently I was not getting enough exposure to.

More than half of my new symptoms corresponded with signs and symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency. So considering I have already had a traumatic broken bone….

So this Fracture is a long story involving Africa, a slide and a lengthy recovery in 2017

I have decided to give this Vitamin D theory a go for couple of months and stop assuming the worst that I have every pain syndrome under the sun. ( Maybe if I was under the sun more…)

So yes I haven’t always been Vitamin D deficient and definitely comes with working inside and then becoming chronically ill and photo-phobic. I haven’t been embracing the rays of sun lately. Not to mention my English rose skin burns in 5 mins with the large hole we have in the ozone layer so when I do go outside I generally look like grandma gardening.

So my doctor told me to take Vitamin D supplements (cholecalciferol) double dose for a couple of months due to the level being so low. Other ways I can incorporate Vitamin D is diet

Vit D getting some Vit D

So I have stopped having a lot dairy products due to ethical environmental reasons. The agricultural industry is responsible for a large amount of C02 pollution and unsustainable farming practices. Within our generation and next we will experience food deficits if things don’t change (sorry I got side tracked on a rant). Point being despite not being fully vegan/vegetarian my doctor wants me to take care that I get enough calcium and Vitamin D from dietary sources still.

  • Free Range Egg yolks
  • Milk or Fortified soy or almond milk
  • Fortified yoghurt
  • Mushrooms
  • Fortified Cereals
  • Sustainable Fished Salmon & other fatty fish
  • Fortified Orange Juice

So I am going to do my best to boost my Vitamin D and see if the helps my symptoms and then go from there.

Have you had your bloods tested lately?

Are you replacing any Vitamins in your diet?

Let me know your thoughts

Love Monica x

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