Got Meds?

So I am going to put my hand up and admit that in the past I didn’t exactly have the best any medication management strategies.

I am not someone that takes that tablets on the marked assigned days on the pill wrapper. I just pop them out wherever I need them from when ever I need them. Yep regular rebel without a cause over here. I take my Tuesday PM pill on a Monday AM YOLO. Well needless to say my inefficient care free methods of tracking didn’t always work when I had brain fog and couldn’t remember if I had taken my tablets or not. Also made for exciting last minute runs to the pharmacy as I didn’t realise I had run out of meds.

My well organised messy as bedside medication drawer :/ dem feels….

So I decided to put on my big girl knickers ( different to granny panties I assure you) and organise things. I looked up all sorts of medication boxes, containers, alarm systems and the majority of them were made out of plastic.

This went against everything I am trying to achieve by cutting down on plastic products and looking for other alternatives.

That is when I found

They sell beautiful wooden custom pill box, where you can choose the message you want on the outside lid. I took the leap and ordered one.

I received the most beautiful package. The pill box came in custom felt carry case. Coryallyn wrote me a personalised thank you note and included a lovely self care reminder card.

What’s in the box, in the box?

So I am now officially more organised and have a daily sassy reminder to take my meds.

I also love the contrast of tablet colours against the wood, it is like a medication fruit salad. (It is the little things)

The lovely Coryallyn has given the teastainsandmigraines readers 10% all purchases. So get your own today. Coupon code TSM10

Take care everyone

Love Monica x

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